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Providing you with the latest industry standard in film and digital equipment.  




We have a complete range of digital camera systems that constantly meet the demands of all production types, from documentary-style, corporate films, to TV drama , feature films, and low-budget movies. So, whatever you need to shoot we can easily provide you with a wide range of options in the latest industry standards in HD cameras for digital cinema. 




Looking for good glass that will give you the creative freedom to capture the photos and videos you want. Well, we can help. We carry a wide range of lenses from such as Canon, Arri, Ziess, Fujinon, and Micro Four Thirds series lenses that you could rent for your film or digital needs.  Whether you're a professional, amateur, or someone just looking to try a new lens we can offer all types for all your rental needs.



Camera Accessories 

We carry all high end accessories from Arri,  Panasoinc, TV-Logic, Odessey 7Q Plus, Shogun, and more…These high quality accessories have capabilities of withstanding the rigors of professional productions. We offer accessories that have compatibility with digital cameras in all range of fields.



Camera Support

We understand the importance in filmmaking about precision positioning, balance, stability, smooth movement and repeatability of stabling your camera while in motion. We have support system devices; such as, sliders, fluid tripod heads, sticks, follow focus sytems and much more. These devices help acheieve successfully the stability of the camera with much precision. 



Grip and Electric 

We have an inventory of lighting equipment in both the latest developments from renown manufacturers like Arri, Mole Richardson, Kino and K5600 lighting. Also, we carry an extensive inventory in grip for everything you´ll need to configure your particular setups as well; such as, dollies, carts, frames, flags, apple boxes, stands and so much more.     



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